Complimentary Strategy Session



My name is Anthea Horvat and thank you for visiting my website. Welcome!

My passion and mission is working with entrepreneurs to create their ULTIMATE BUSINESS. A business with PROFITS, LEVERAGE and LIFESTYLE.

It’s what every entrepreneur deserves! As a cancer survivor, I believe that life is too precious to struggle in a business that is not delivering the EXACT RESULTS you want.

I’ve been mentoring entrepreneurs for a long time – almost 25 years! I have a lot of formal qualifications. I started my career as a Chartered Accountant and I have an advanced MBA, to name but a few. And that is nice, BUT, it is the RESULTS that I have helped hundreds and hundreds off clients achieve, that I am most proud of.

I love finding the MAGIC in a business and then helping a business owner to MONETISE IT. With the right strategies it can be a very fast process to add six figures to the profits.

At the same time, most can also SIMPLIFY their business so that they have more time, energy and money to live their dream lifestyle. I have to tell you – it’s a big thrill helping our clients to transform their results. I love it.

I do this through mentoring them step-by-step through strategies I KNOW work – I have hundreds of case studies to prove it.

If you are reading this, then perhaps you are looking for a mentor to help you improve your business. If so, congratulations – I believe that when you engage the right mentor you can achieve anything your heart desires.

I have always had amazing mentors in my own life and I am so grateful for them helping me achieve my dream business and life. I believe that investing in mentors is one of the most beneficial things anyone can do.

If you want to increase your PROFITS (fast), increase LEVERAGE and create your IDEAL LIFESTYLE, maybe I can help you. To find out, request a 90-minute complimentary Business Strategy Session. I’d love to see if we can add six figures or more to your profits all while simplifying your business.

Can you easily add 6-figures or more

to your profits without working harder?

Let’s find out. Request a complimentary business strategy session with Anthea.

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