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You don’t need me to tell you that the end of the year is approaching. I hope that 2016 has been everything that you wanted.

I’m sure that along the way you had some obstacles to overcome. That is the journey of a business owner. But, I hope as you look back and reflect on this year to take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. After all you have survived. And that is a big achievement for a business owner.

In June 2015 the ABS, reported most small businesses turnover less than $200k per year. I’m not sure of your situation but if you have passed that benchmark, congratulations. You are doing better than most.

But here’s the thing. When you look at the number and think about the time, emotion and energy it takes to run a small business, you can understand why so many choose not to pursue this path.

I see more business owners who are dissatisfied with their results than ecstatic. Maybe that is the nature of my job. Let’s face it, few people go to the dentist unprompted. So why would you invest in training or a mentor if everything is dandy. Most come because they are stuck. They have plateaued. They are tired. And they are not kicking their goals. They want insight. They want tools. They want to know what they are doing wrong.

When your business is not performing as you want it to, it is painful. And it is a heart pain. I know because I have been there. Whilst I may be a business mentor to many, if does not mean that I am immune to mistakes. You see even when we know what we are “supposed” to do there can still be a gap. And that’s why people like me have a business. We help business owners to bridge the gap between what they have and what they want. It’s what my mentor also helps me to do.

I have been a business mentor for many years now (just over 20 in fact). For most of that time I have had my own business. And I have been honoured to have mentored over 3,000 business owners. I have trained literally thousands more. I love it. It is my passion. And at the risk of sounding arrogant, I am damn good at it. Why? Because I have worked and trained tirelessly during that 20 years to be the best business mentor I can be.

I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my education – both formal and informal. I have been lucky enough to have been mentored by the best in the world. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We have run large workshops (up to 150 people in the room) and small workshops with just 30. In more recent times I have chosen to work more closely with just a few.

You see, I know that when someone is guided, supported and educated, they can pretty much achieve anything they want.

I don’t want to teach “classroom” generic, cookie-cutter solutions that you are left to implement on your own. I want to be a part of your journey to success.

I want to be the person you acknowledge in the front of your book (that’s happened twice this year). I want to be the person whose husband or wife smiles at and thanks when we meet. I want to be your business “hero.” And I want that because it just feels so damn good. Business owners are good people. Unfortunately they sometimes suffer more than necessary because of a lack of good advice.

As we come to end of 2016 I hope you will take some time to reflect on your achievements this year. And take the lessons from your challenges. I always find this time of year great for reflection and for raising the bar.

As entrepreneurs, we seem to be hard-wired for constant improvement. So, as you are setting your goals for next year, I would like to share 5 wishes that I have for you.


1. That You Have Hope

When people lose hope, they lose their ability to dream for the future.

My beautiful mum taught me that “where there is a will, there is a way.” And that has got me through many tough times.

Two years ago, I received a devastating diagnosis. I have a primary immune disease for which there is currently no cure. I don’t quite know how but I have managed to maintain my “hope” for a cure. Sometimes your faith is all that you have, And that’s okay.

I have a small plaque in my office that was a gift from a friend. It says…

“Happiness is the ultimate realisation that everything was, and is, as it should be.”

Whatever your business challenges (and you will have them), hang on to hope. Hope makes us get out of bed in the morning saying…

“Bring it universe, I am ready.”

There is always somebody who can help us. We just need to ask.


2. That You Have Love

For me, love is the meaning of life. To love and be loved is such a wonderful thing.

And I am betting that you are surrounded by love. Friends, family, people you work with, people in your community. Stop for a moment each day and appreciate that. It’s important.

Our love-base gives us the support we need to do our business.

Sometimes people show their love in different ways.

I always thought that my mum wasn’t proud of me. I have always been a high achiever. In school, I was a grade A student. I qualified as a Charted Accountant 2 years earlier than most. And when I did my MBA, I was the Dux in 14 of the 16 units.

I could never remember my mum being proud or congratulating me as other parents did. She just used to say…

“Don’t get a big head.”

I felt deflated when she said that.

And then a couple of years ago she came to visit me from the UK. She attended one of my training workshops. I often used stories of my mum in my workshops so our clients were curious to meet her.

On the coffee break, a queue formed at the back of the room. I glanced over and I could see that the queue was to speak to my mum.

That night after the workshop and everyone had gone I looked at my mum and she was wiping a tear from her eye. I went over to see her,

“Everything ok?” I enquired.

She wiped her eyes like a naughty girl who had just been found out.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

And then she looked me straight in the eyes and said,

“I didn’t expect all those people to come and tell me how much my daughter meant to them. How much she had helped them.”

She still didn’t tell me that she was proud of me, but I didn’t need her to. Her eyes told me everything.

I wish for you that you have that kind of love around you. Love that supports you to be all that you can be. 


3. That You Have Wisdom

Wisdom to keep your perspective.

Your business is not your life. It is a part of your life. And your business should serve your life. It needs to provide you with the fulfillment, money and lifestyle you want.

I was a self-confessed workaholic until I met my husband. He has taught me that we plan our life first and then the business fits into that. It was difficult at first because before I met him I was an independent single woman with no children.

My work had become my life.

It was a path that burnt me out and left me jaded. As I look back now, I think I was just tired. Have the wisdom to keep your perspective.

 4. That You Have Great Teachers

Everything we know we have learnt from someone. We are taught how to walk, how to swim, how to ride a bicycle and drive a car.

The drive to learn is what keeps us safe as small children exploring the world. As adults, we have a drive to learn so that we can make sense of the world. So, we can fill gaps in our knowledge and understanding.

Whatever it is that you want to learn whether it be business or a new hobby, find great teachers. Be the eternal student in your business. An investment in knowledge is one of the best investments we can make. Go and learn how to create and manage your dream business from a great teacher.

5. That You Have a Wealthy Life

Sometimes I meet business owners that are so obsessed by their business. So obsessed, that they haven’t noticed that the rest of their life is in turmoil. Their relationships are heading for trouble. Their fitness is not what it could be. They no longer pursue the hobbies and interests that used to fuel their creativity.

Anxiety about their businesses has taken over, like a toxic weed in a garden. It is suffocating the life out of them.

Be present in your life. Enjoy smelling the roses. Balance matters. Relationships matter. Your health matters. No matter how big your business goal is, you will get their faster by looking after every aspect of your life. Sure, you might have to work some long hours occasionally but that shouldn’t be the norm.

People talk about “building wealth” and I believe that money is just one aspect of that.

Making money at the same time as making memories is critical.

It is unlikely that in your old age you will be reminiscing about the killer email marketing campaign you once did.

Instead your memories will be of your experiences, relationships and the obstacles you overcome.

Making a difference and making money should not however be mutually exclusive.

To make money you need the right product, at the right price, for the right market. Sometimes that can take some time to nail. If you don’t think you have “nailed it” yet, maybe get some feedback on your business model.

Not all business models are equal. Some are much more profitable than others. Your business model is your engine and you want to ensure that it can fly you to your moon.

The right business engine will consume less fuel and get you there faster. The wrong engine will leave you tired and poor.

So there you have it.

My 5 wishes for you as we head towards 2017. May your year and business be filled with hope, love, wisdom, great teachers and wealth.

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Hi and thank you for being here. My name is Anthea Horvat and I am the Managing Director of Business Fusion and the Business Masters Club™.

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Most clients come to me because their business has plateaued and their is a gap between the business and lifestyle they have and what they want.

My formal qualifications include being a Chartered Accountant and having and advanced MBA with a major in Marketing. With over 20 years of experience, personally mentoring over 3,00 business owners and training thousands more, I have some tricks in my bag for getting your business booming.

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