Complimentary Strategy Session

Feeling time poor or overwhelmed?

You KNOW that time is your most precious resource. In this video I talk about the 3 key elements of an effective time management strategy.

Valuing my time and spending is something that I focus on every day. I want to ensure that I am spending it on the things that matter. The things that make a difference. I have days where I am unproductive, where I get distracted by shiny objects. But these 3 steps always bring me back to feeling organised and effective.

So, a couple of questions for you to reflect upon…

Do you have structure in how you manage your time? Do you have certain days when you do particular tasks? Is you diary organised or chaotic?

Do you have a system for processing emails and pphone calls? Or do you allow yourself to be hijacked?

Are you disciplined in how, where and with who you spend time? Or do you say yes to too many things?

I’d love to hear what “time management” strategies work for you. How do you effectively manage your time?

Have a productive day,

Anthea 🙂

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