Complimentary Strategy Session

They say that cashflow is the lifeblood of your business. But I disagree!

Sales are the real lifeblood of your business. No sales = no cashflow!.

Just recently I was brainstorming with a client, the different ways they could increase their sales.

In just a few minutes we had a list of 21 ways. This is by no means an exhaustive list. But none the less, a great list to start working through.

Implementing just one or two of the 21 ideas is going to have a positive impact.

So, I shot this quick video to share the strategies with our Business Masters Club™ members. And in it I share the first 11 of those strategies (video 2 is coming very soon!).

In this video, I share:

** The importance of having your product correctly positioned;

** The 4 alternate strategies for product positioning and which one achieves the best results;

** How to look and sound compelling to your ideal audience; and

** The most common sales and marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Anthea 🙂


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My name is Anthea Horvat. I am a Business Strategist and Mentor. I am also the founder of Business Fusion and the Business Masters Club™. I  specialise in helping Australian, established, service based business owners to increase their profitability, scalability and saleability.I help them to create their ultimate business.

Over the last 15 years I have had the pleasure and honour of personally mentoring over 2,200 Australian business owners to create their ideal business. I believe that life is too short to be stuck in a business delivering mediocre financial rewards and lifestyle.

If you want to increase the profitability and scalability of your business please join our free online training community – Business Masters Club™. It’s free to join and you can become a member of a community of business owners committed to growing their businesses.

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