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Lots of people think that attracting your ideal clients is all about your marketing.

And whilst that is true to some extent, it is not the whole story.

Whilst marketing tactics are important, if your service offering is flawed, they will fail. If your product isn’t magnetic your marketing will not convert them. 

Many business owners think they have a marketing problem.

In reality, what they have is a product problem.

There are few important details you must get right if you want to attract you your ideal clients.

These include:

  • Being outcome focused– clients want results!
  • Being efficient– most people are time poor and want results fast.
  • Tailored to their problem– we all wake up every day with things that concern us. If you can get inside the conversation going on in your prospective clients head, you will win them over.
  • And finally, one of my favourites – niche, niche, niche! Niching is particularly important for service-based businesses. It allows them to design their services to solve specific problems. It also makes their marketing a lot easier. I drag my clients kicking and screaming as we niche them down. Once they see the results, the only thing they regret is not doing it sooner.

So before you rush off to implement the latest marketing tactic, take a moment. Review your service offering. Is it truly magnetic? And would you buy from you? Two very important questions.


Ps… I can review your service-offering in a complimentary Scale Brainstorm Session…. see below…

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