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Effective marketing is critical for the survival of any business. But how do you attract the attention of your ideal clients? How do you become “magnetic”?

Let’s face it, the competition these days is brutal. The marketing world is so cluttered . Most of our phones alert us every few seconds that we have mail. Another new marketing message in our already full inbox.

Consumers and businesses alike have become jaded by over-the-top marketing messages. Many are now cautious and discerning when deciding who to spend their dollars with.

Peter Drucker (a favourite from my MBA days) was quoted as saying … The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” But how exactly do you do that? How do we become magnetic? How do we become the chased not the chaser?

Most of us have heard of the 4Ps of marketing or the 7 Ps of service marketing but times have changed. Whilst these still hold true you may also want to review the following. We call it the 5Ps of magnetic marketing.


What is your Persona?
Every business and expert has a “Public Persona” to create and manage. This “persona” comprises of many things including your business values, personality and story.

People buy from people. And everybody loves a good story. Stories help us to bond. They also “humanise” a brand. So to be a magnetic marketer you will need to let your audience behind the curtain.

Our stories can also become part of our “fame.” For example, it is well known that Walt Disney overcome 302 bank loan rejection. Richard Branson built the Virgin empire despite his dyslexia. And Colonel Saunders was being dyslexic. And Colonel Saunder was 65 years young when he launched Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Don’t underestimate the power of your Persona. You need to be clear and articulate your business values. You alsoneed to share your story to build credibility and inspire others.


What Problems Do You Solve?
As a business owners our job is to serve our clients. Our products must either solve a problem, fill a void, help achieve a goal or pursue an opportunity.

The most compelling products and services solve problems. And they solve the entire problem. Ensure that you have products and services that do just that.


How Will You Build Your Profile?
There is no point being the best if nobody knows about you. You may not wish to be famous but But if you’re invisible it’s going to be hard to build momentum!

The phrase “Authority Marketing” is bandied around a lot these days. But what does it mean to become recognised as an expert? And how do you achieve it? You need to build your profile.

To do that you must first know your ideal clients. You have probably heard of the concept of “niching.” But that is not enough to become magnetic – you need to define your micro-niche.

If you can’t describe your ideal client in great detail, you will not be able to market to them.

To become a magnetic marketer you must have empathy for your ideal clients. And you need to communicate with them in such a way that they feel like you are reading their mind. This can only happen if you know them well.

Creating a detailed profile of your ideal client including their lifestyle habits is critical. You also need to know what is frustrating them and the outcome they are seeking.

There are two aspects to building your profile – your “pitch” and your “gifts,”

I’m not talking about a sales pitch. I am referring to a communication that articulates who you . It also details who you serve, why you are credible, your mission and results.

Attracting, converting and retaining a clients is no different to any other relationship. The first stage of that relationship requires you to make yourself “attractive.”

This is not just about your branding – it is about the “gifts” you give. How do you share your knowledge and expertise with the world? Do you create blogs? Do you have a YouTube Channel? Do you podcast? There are many, many options. You need to pick the ones that work best for your ideal clients.

And once you have their attention how do you get them to take the next step in the relationship. What is your no-brainer offer? This is an offer for which they will either give you their contact details or get in touch with you. the more you give, the easier it is for people to get to know, like and trust your business.


What is Your Marketing Plan?
Success is going to come from consistency and providing your market with extreme value. Your plan is critical. You need a content marketing plan that is strategic. Winging it and adhoc communication is a complete waste of time.


How can you be persuasive?
The final step is all about making your communication persuasive. Either engaging a copywriter or learning copy writing skills is a great investment. Marketing is all about communication. You need to attract, engage and convert using your authentic voice. You also need to communicate in the appropriate style.

Existing clients may respond to direct offers but potential clients need to “date” first. They need to get to know you and receive value.

To be persuasive you must talk with an appropriate level of respect. Too familiar, too early and your prospects will run for the hills. Being inconsistent with communication to existing clients will result in them feeling unloved.

Above all, the most magnetic marketers are those that are consistent. The ones that show up rain or shine, week in, week out. They are there to serve their clients and prospects. And they know that this is the highest priority. Serve first. in fact serving first is the best magnetic marketing strategy of them all.

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